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One login
Once you log in to VodaPay, you’re logged in to every brand who offers their services within the super app.
Secure payment details
Your payment details are stored securely so you only have to enter them once, no matter which service you use.
Simple and intuitive
We’ve made VodaPay as simple as it can be and each service within the app consistently simple too.
A world of services
There’s no limit to the type or size of business we can offer as a service on VodaPay.
Space saving technology
Our super app was designed to create less clutter on your phone screen, and more storage on your phone.
Rewards and more
Our partners regularly promote exclusive offers only available on VodaPay, and we’ll reward you for using our app too.
Featured services
A taste of just some of the great brands you can find on VodaPay
Supercharge your business
Get your brand on our app
Your business is featured on VodaPay, the single sign-on super app.
With millions of eyes viewing your products and services.
Get started on VodaPay now!
And enjoy a super-simple, super-useful, super-smart, super app.

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How to...
Check out our video tutorials to help you get the most from VodaPay.
Buy water & electricity
Find out how to purchase utilities in a few simple taps!
Buy prepaid airtime
Learn a few simple steps to buy your prepaid airtime from the VodaPay app.
EasyPay payments
Learn how to make EasyPay payments even easier, when you VodaPay it.
Popular questions
What are services?

Think of them like an app, but smaller. They sit in the VodaPay app, and allow you to access products and services from your favourite brands without having to download their apps.

How do I use a service?

Just the same way you would with any type of app. We've made sure all of our services offer you the same experience, so you'll find things easy and intuitive.

Manage your favourites

Just tap on 'view all' and then 'add/edit', where you can add or remove services from your favourites list.

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