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VodaPay Mini Programs VodaPay Mini Programs

What are Mini Programs?

Mini Programs are services offered by other brands that run inside another larger app... like VodaPay! Whether a user wants to pay their bills, play games, order takeout or shop online, there’s a Mini Program that exists for it – or one that can be built.

How long does it take to build a Mini Program?

This depends on the complexity of the Mini Program. It can take as little as 4 weeks and as long as a couple of months to get your Mini Program app ready, depending on your business needs.

How do I create a Mini Program for my business?

  • The first step to getting your Mini Program built is to join the VodaPay payments ecosystem by completing an application on the website and agreeing on the commercial and legal requirements.
  • You'll then be assigned a workspace and from there you'll have access to the whole Mini Program ecosystem. Once registered, you can download the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and start building your Mini Program immediately.

How will my business benefit from becoming a Mini Program Partner?

Your business will benefit by enjoying significantly reduced customer acquisition costs via access to Vodacom's customer base. You also have access to next-generation recommendation engines to deliver rich personalised x-/up-sell offers for your customers, simplified checkout for customers, and access to native advertising capabilities to drive sales.

How do customers access my Mini Program?

You can access a variety of Mini Programs under the “services” section found on the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen or by selecting “View All” next to your Favourite Apps on the homepage. The Mini Program will load and run instantly within the VodaPay app.

How do I sign up to be a developer of a Mini Program?

Visit our developer website and click Get Started to sign up today.

Do I need a mobile app to be a Mini Program Partner?

You do not need to have a dedicated mobile app to make use of Mini Programs. Because these tiny applications live within the VodaPay app, all you need to do is build and deploy. The VodaPay Mini Program platform manages all of the login, authorisation, and payment processing for you.

How can I view and test the Mini Program platform?

  • First you need to register as a VodaPay developer at https://developer.vodapay.vodacom.co.za
  • Once you have logged in, you can view and use the IDE. You do not need to have completed the merchant registration to use our app simulator and test your app and get a feel for the platform.

What are the developer benefits of building a Mini Program?

There are numerous benefits – here are some of the biggest:

1. You'll be operating within a single ecosystem on which you can build applications. Developers only have to manage one code base for both iOS and Android devices, while benefiting from the exceptional tools, services and support offered by VodaPay.

2. Mini Programs mean you can enjoy reduced time, costs and administration when submitting for approval, which results in faster development cycles speeding up access to market.

All about VodaPay All about VodaPay

What does VodaPay do?

  • VodaPay offers you a simple and convenient way to manage your money through a digital wallet, allowing you to instantly send money to friends and family members and make payments. You can link your credit and debit cards, and make payments for all the products and services that the app offers.
  • VodaPay also gives you the ability to pay for goods and services at any merchants with a compatible QR code – otherwise known as ‘scan to pay’.
  • Additionally, it rewards you regularly with cash coupons or cashback into your wallet, depending on how you send and spend your money.

How can VodaPay benefit me?

  • Through innovative digital technologies, VodaPay provides you with inclusive mobile and financial solutions that make your life a little easier and a little cheaper. As a super app, VodaPay offers a whole suite of great products and services that you use every day, all in one app.
  • That means more space on your phone, exclusive deals and discounts from brands/partners within the app, simple and instant payments, free accounts, transfers and transactions, and lower data usage (or none at all, if you’re a Vodacom customer!).

How does VodaPay work?

  • Once you’ve registered you can link a maximum of six bank cards to your account and add money to your wallet using those in order to make payments through the app, or via scan-to-pay at any VodaPay, Masterpass or Snap Scan merchant. 
  • You can purchase prepaid utilities and mobile services through the app, including airtime and data bundles, as well as pay your EasyPay bills and traffic fines. You can also access third-party brands (like Makro) in the form of Mini Programs housed on the super app, and buy or order their products and services without ever having to leave VodaPay.

What is a digital wallet?

  • A digital wallet is similar to a bank account, but without the need to go into a branch to register. You can keep your money safely in the digital wallet and access it from your VodaPay app.
  • You can add money to your digital wallet, send money to other VodaPay digital wallets and withdraw money from your digital wallet to a bank account.
  • They provide an easy-to-use payment method so that you can make cashless transactions, meaning you can pay anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Unlike banks where you pay monthly account fees, as a digital wallet holder you pay zero monthly fees; we’d rather you spend that money on something you need, like a R5 airtime voucher.

What is a super app?

  • A super app is a consolidated marketplace of products and services from third party integrations, delivered through one platform.
  • What that means is that it’s like an ‘umbrella app’, under which lots of other smaller apps sit. You can open VodaPay and send money to a friend, order a taxi and then do your grocery shopping before checking your transaction history, all within the one digital space.

How do I join VodaPay?

  • It’s super simple. You can download the VodaPay app from the Google Play Store or Apple App store.
  • VodaPay is compatible with most smartphones - Android version 4.4 and above, as well as Apple version 9.0 and above.
  • Simply download the super app, and register with your details, and you’re good to go.

How will I benefit from ordering goods through VodaPay?

You can earn instant rewards from VodaPay based on your transaction behaviour. The more transactions you make, the greater the rewards. You also don’t need to input your payment details when you spend money on a new service or product – once we have them, we have them no matter what new Mini Programs you utilise.

Is it safe to use VodaPay?

Yes, and we made security a top priority. All card transactions are processed through 3D-Secure, and VodaPay has word-class risk management capabilities, ensuring your full financial security.

What does it cost to use VodaPay?

VodaPay is absolutely free to use and charges no service fees. However, your bank may still charge relevant bank charges or card transaction fees, for normal card purchases. There are the usual data charges for using your phone, however VodaPay is free to use for Vodacom customers.

What is a digital payment platform?

It’s basically an app or digital product offering designed to drive easy cashless transactions and financial inclusion.

Will the VodaPay wallet have different Plans?

We don’t like to call them “plans”, but we do offer different options based on your needs. We have 4 different types of digital wallets; Entry (that you get when you register on the VodaPay app), Lite (available to South African citizens and permanent residents), an Essential and a Pro wallet (available to South African citizens, permanent residents and foreign nationals). The wallet types vary by transaction limits, and don’t cost you anything.


What payment capabilities does VodaPay allow?

  • VodaPay offers a convenient digital wallet for all users. You will get an entry wallet automatically upon opening your account. To actually add money to your wallet and use it for payments, you will need to expand from this entry wallet, by applying for a Lite, Essential or Pro wallet (these are all free of charge and easy to apply for). 
  • You can also link your bank cards in order to make payments. Debit, Cheque and Credit cards from the following banks are accepted: Absa, Nedbank, Standard Bank, Bidvest, Post Bank, Capitec, FNB, Investec, RMB, Discovery Bank, Tyme Bank. 
  • Please note that you cannot link AMEX and Diners Cards. 

What is Vodacom’s role in VodaPay?

VodaPay is powered by Vodacom Financial Services from Vodacom.

Do I have to be with Vodacom to use VodaPay?

No, VodaPay is available to all networks. However if you are a Vodacom customer or you switch to Vodacom, you will be able to use the app without paying for any data charges.

I only use USSD can I use VodaPay?

Unfortunately you cannot use USSD for VodaPay; we want to offer you the best customer experience with our features, which is not possible to provide with USSD.


Can I apply for a business mobile wallet ?

The business wallet is currently not available but it will be available soon on VodaPay.


Is VodaPay available in all African Countries?

VodaPay is currently available in South Africa however there are plans to roll it out to other African countries.


Will Vodapay intergrate with Crypto Assets where users can buy/sell Crypto Assets?

No, VodaPay is currently not integrated to any of the Crypto assets.


Will the current Vodapay App that was launched in 2019 be decommissioned?

Yes, the old VodaPay app will be docommissioned. Please ensure that you download the latest VodaPay super app from Google Play Store or the Apple App store.


Popular questions
What is the VodaPay super app?

It’s an all-in-one experience that gives you access to many different services from one place. Without the need to download apps, you save storage space and enjoy a seamless experience between apps.

What are Mini Programs?

Mini Programs are services offered by other brands that run inside another larger app... like VodaPay! Whether a user wants to pay their bills, play games, order takeout or shop online, there’s a Mini Program that exists for it – or one that can be built.

How will being a partner benefit my business?

There are many, but you may benefit most from low-cost customer acquisition via access to a huge Vodacom customer base, as well as access to a wealth of data that allows the right people to find your products at the right time.