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Download the app and
create an account
Get VodaPay from your app store and create an account in minutes, and you’re good to go!
Pay bills or purchase
prepaid airtime and data
Link your bank card (or cards) and simply start using VodaPay for your day-to-day needs
Use VodaPay to buy from
the brands you love
You can earn rewards when you buy or order from the different businesses within our app
VodaPay pays it forward
Get rewarded just for using the app
Cashback and coupons
Get rewards by using VodaPay, paying your bills and purchasing your shopping items.
Featured services
A taste of just some of the great brands you can find on VodaPay
Start earning your rewards!
And enjoy a super-simple, super-useful, super-smart, super app.

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Get to know your wallet
Check out our handy guide to your brand new VodaPay digital wallet.
Withdraw your money
A quick guide to withdrawing money from your wallet to any bank account.
Popular questions
What are coupons?

A coupon is a specific savings amount, discount or special offer given to you when you purchase goods or services from a specific retailer or service on the app.

How do the coupons work?

A coupon is the same as money in your wallet. To pay with one, select the coupon you would like to use during checkout. You can select this on your payment summary page.

How to redeem coupons?

In the process of a purchasing or paying anything on VodaPay you’ll be notified of any coupons you can use for the transaction. Simply select the coupon you would like to use and tap “Pay”.

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