The perks of partnering with us
Our super app is designed to help your business flourish. Let’s go further together.
Low cost acquisition
Quick and super low cost customer acquisition, with a huge digital footfall and fast, pain-free onboarding.
Simple to build
Mini Programs run on a single codebase for both iOS and Android, meaning less admin and faster development.
Effective marketing
Take advantage of highly effective, super targeted advertising opportunities with banners, suggested content and in app notifications.
Optimised product launches
A captive audience and a wealth of data to help you offer the right product to the right people, right when they need it.
Increased revenue
More customers, more ways to pay, more ways to reach the right people, all with minimal costs and resources.
Seamless payments
All transactions are enabled through the app, allowing you to leverage the VodaPay wallet, Vouchers and other credit offerings from Vodacom.
We’ve partnered with your favourite brands
Everything you love, all in one place
Secure your space now, in our digital mall
Mini Programs are services from brands or companies offered through our super app. We can help you build your Mini Program, complete with payment gateway, so that your company can access millions of new customers.
Follow these 4 steps:
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Step 1
Fill in the application form. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if your application has been successful or not.
Step 2
Simple Build
Work together with our developers to create a customised Mini Program for your business in no time.
Step 3
Test & release
Test and approve your Mini Program simply and efficiently to ensure the best possible user experience (UX).
Step 4
Welcome to VodaPay!
Millions of users can easily access your Mini Program on the VodaPay app. No extra downloads required.
Application form
Apply for your spot in our digital mall, and gain access to millions of potential customers.
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Popular questions
What is the VodaPay super app?

It’s an all-in-one experience that gives you access to many different services from one place. Without the need to download apps, you save storage space and enjoy a seamless experience between apps.

What are Mini Programs?

Mini Programs are services offered by other brands that run inside another larger app... like VodaPay! Whether a user wants to pay their bills, play games, order takeout or shop online, there’s a Mini Program that exists for it – or one that can be built.

How will being a partner benefit my business?

There are many, but you may benefit most from low-cost customer acquisition via access to a huge Vodacom customer base, as well as access to a wealth of data that allows the right people to find your products at the right time.

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One app, endless possibilities
With your products and services on VodaPay, you can have thousands of new eyes on your brand every day

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